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GPS Trackers

A Quick Phone Tracking Overview
(The Garmin GTU 10, Lists for $200.00 and typically sells discounted for less than $130.00)

Our Top Recommendation For Serious Tracking Situations:

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker.

If you don’t have enough access to a cell phone to install the necessary software, then this dedicated portable GPS tracker may be the solution you require. It is easily placed inside of a vehicle. SpyCompany.com has found it to be more reliable and effective than the cell phone tracking solutions. Of course, it can’t locate a lost cell phone like Latitude can.

This particular product typically sells for less than $120.00 and is best purchased from Amazon.com where they offer a hassle free money back guarantee. If you please order the Garmin GTU 10 using THIS, then Amazon’s referral commission will help support this website.

Garmin GTU-10 GPS Tracker

GTU 10 is a GPS locator that combines a web-based gps tracking service so you can keep watch on children, pets and property. You can track your GTU 10 from our secure website using any computer or with the free Garmin Tracker™ app.

Check out the great customer reviews this product gets! 

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