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Spy Products Museum Historic 1999 Spy Shop Catalog

We recently came upon this interesting SpyCompany.com catalog index from 1999!
How things have changed!!

Vehicle/Personel/Asset Tracking Systems

Internet Based GPS-Web Tracking -Rentals Available

Telephone Monitoring

Telephone Recording Control
12 and 16-hour Telephone Recording Systems
Portable Touch-Tone® Decoder
Phone Manager 2000® Discrete Telephone Logging System
Tele Recorder Interface For VOX

Bug Detection and Defeating

The Scrambler® -Portable Phone Conversation Scrambler
Portable Voice Changer -14 Programmable Voice Disguises
The Secure Phone with Automatic Line Guard

The Phone Sentry II-Prevents Telephone Intrusions
Super Tap Buster -Detects and Defeats All Types of Phone Taps
Vibrating Bug Detector (Pro) -Should be Worn To All Meetings
Advanced Bug Detector -For Professional RF Sweeping
CSR-1 Countermeasure Sweep Unit -Very Powerful Bug Detection.
COMSEC c3i Wiretap Detector -Detects Legal and Illegal Wiretaps

Micro Cassette Recording and Accessories

Olympus 5-725 3-Hour, Full Feature, Low Cost Microcassette Recorder
Mini Super Sensitive Wired Microphone
Super Sensitive Wired Pen Microphone

Video Surveillance

DH200 MKIV-IR 1/3″ CCD Pinhole Camera -Black And white, 5mm, Infrared Ready
Ph200a Economy 1/3″ CCD Pinhole Camera -Clearance Sale
Metal Case for DH200 Camera
2.4 GHz Wireless Video Transmitter Sender/Receiver System
PH3000 MKIV Ultra Miniature High Performance 1/3″ CCD Color Pinhole Camera
CPH-1 Economy 1/3″ CCD Color Pinhole Camera
Indoor/Outdoor Mini-Bullet 1/3″ CCD Camera
PIR Motion Detector Camera with Event Recorder
Clock Video Camera
Smoke Detector Camera
Camera Disguised As “Exit Sign”
PIR CCTV Camera -Disguised As Motion Detector
BASF T-200 (10) Hour VHS Tape

Video Recording Equipment

JVC SpyCom Series 24/960 Time Lapse Recorder -Best Value
Real Time Quad
12 Volt VCR
Sony Zbox-II -World’s Smallest Hi-8mm VCR

Necessary Spy Accessories

Spy Sunglasses -Professional
Shotgun Microphone
Audio Amplifier
Hiatts Handcuffs
UV Detection Powder
UV Pen
Mini Ultraviolet Lamp

Professional Locksmithing Tools

Electric Pick Gun
Pick Gun
Schlage Wafer Pick Set
Tryout Keys
Tubular Lock Pick
PXP-13 Pick Set -“Novice”
MDPK-32 Pick Set -“Professional” Best Seller
Gas Cap Pick
Warded Padlock Keys

Professional Locksmith Books And Videos

Pick Guns -by John Minnery
Complete Guide To Lock Picking -by Eddie the Wire
Secrets Of Lock Picking -by Steven Hampton
B And E: A To Z -How To Get In Anywhere, Anytime [Video]
High-Speed Entry -Instant Opening Techniques [Video]
Super Picking -The Art Of High Tech Lock Picking [Video]


230 XLT

Vehicle Spy Products

GPS-Web Magnetic Mount Vehicle Tracking System

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